Simple Crafts For Kids – Easy Kids Crafts

There are six easy kids crafts that any parent can do with their child at home. The most common craft project for children is pasta art. All you need is several pieces of colorful construction paper, glue, and a box of dry macaroni noodles. Using a different type of pasta like penne can make the art more interesting. Kids love to play around with the set-aside pile of dry noodles. It’s an amusing activity for them. Finger painting runs a close second place for easy kids crafts. The big kid in all of us loves to get messy. Painting is a great form of expression. Children practice finger dexterity as they dip and glide their little fingers across the paper. Laying down old newspaper and putting special play clothing on your kids that you don’t mind being damaged will relieve you of a stressful clean-up.

Wood crafts are not as demanding as they may sound. The third easiest kids craft involves wood products. It’s magnets. This is a simple project that children can have lots of fun with. To make wood magnets purchase unfinished wood shapes, paint, magnet strips that are self-adhesive or a hot glue gun for standard magnets. Let your child paint their wooden toy parts or shapes and then set to dry. After they’ve added any extra types of decorations such as glitter or beads attach magnets and hand on the refrigerator door. The kids will smile every time they walk into the kitchen to admire their masterpiece.

Marionette is the fourth easy kids crafts. Get creative as you explore the puppet making craft. There are numerous options when constructing puppets. The easiest form to make is the sock puppet. A little glue and felt goes a long way when creating your puppet creature. Any supplies laying around the house will suffice. If you’d like to put on a more sophisticated show than make a wooden puppet using wood dowels and fishing line to move your wooden puppet. There are kits available to help you produce this amazing puppet effortlessly. Kids can put on their own puppet shows whenever they wish to.

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