Simple Craft Ideas for Christmas

It’s the holiday season again and your hard-earned money should be used wisely on Christmas decorations. As a frugal and fun way to make gifts for your loved ones, here are three handmade and homemade ornaments you can make with household items. These simple craft ideas for Christmas ornaments are great giveaway items for family and friends.

1. Cookie Ornaments: Get some cookie cutter designs you have on hand to bake cookies for your Christmas tree. If cookie cutter designs aren’t available, no sweat. Make your own creations. How about making pretzel cookies which can then be hung on a twig and adorned with colored ribbons?

Here are the instructions. Roll the dough to about 3 inches. Overlap both ends and form them to a classic Q-shaped pretzel design or any loop design. When the cookie pretzel is done baking, you can tie it with a ribbon and put it on the tree.

2. Colored Paper Trees: Cut out Christmas trees from white construction paper. Make it unique by having your child put his name. Have him put stickers, glitter, a photo, or color each tip of the tree branch to look like Christmas decorations. Use these trees to act as a small divider in your child’s room or connect them together and hang it on the Christmas tree.

3. Christmas Stocking Ornaments: You can make your own Christmas stocking creations using any material lying around the house. Sew in a couple of fabrics and colors make them stand out. Bows, beads or large ribbons are nice additions that can be glued to the stocking. You can also personalize them with your child’s name. When the stockings are done, cut a piece of fabric into a loop and sew it onto the top of the stocking. Hang them on the tree proudly.

Making homemade and handmade Christmas ornaments is not only fun for the entire family, but lets your child expand his creativity and imagination. It is much more meaningful to make something than to just go out and buy it. These simple craft ideas for Christmas are a wonderful and satisfying way to spend time with your children. These homemade ornaments make wonderful gifts as well.

Before you decide to go shopping for Christmas ornaments, first take a look around your house. You’ll be surprised at what you may find!

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