Jewelry Making Ideas For Teenagers And Kids

Jewelry is valued by most people who have great personal taste and style, and they use them to simply give the definition of fashion. It can be earrings, necklaces, rings or any other kind of jewelry and they all show how much you value fashion. You can help kids and teens who love jewelry to make their own at home. You do not have to spend money on this, and you can use simple materials available at home. Using simple but great jewelry making ideas, you can come up with good pieces for your kids.

You can use things like aluminum cans which are thrown away once used up. They are nice when you are looking for something nice to make necklaces with as well as beautiful pendants. You can be lucky to get one made in a nice shape, but if you cannot find one, you should cut it in the shape you want. Poke holes on the cans to help you link them up. This will give the kids something that they will enjoy wearing at no cost just using simple jewelry making ideas.

Another good material to use for jewelry making ideas is bottle caps. You can help your kids get the caps and then flatten them using a rubber hammer. You can then put holes on the bottle caps which will enable you to link them up and make a necklace or bracelet. This is easy, and after following these steps, the jewelry will be ready to be worn. Your kids can choose when to wear the jewelry.

The use of old buttons can also be one the great jewelry making ideas which you and your kids can use to create lovely pieces. They help to make a vintage piece and sewing the buttons on the elastic thread makes it easy to fit them around children’s wrists or waistlines. Only stitch the buttons on the band, and you get nice jewelry for your kids and teens. This will not cost you much, and it is possible to find the buttons in the house or from your local vintage shop.

You have to make sure that you use clean bottle caps and aluminum cans. This will ensure that your kids are safe from any infections. Supervise then closely, and you will like trying out jewelry making ideas with your kids. You also get strengthen your bond with your children.

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