DIY Wine Cork Craft

It’s been a couple of years now since I created my very first DIY craft project from a recycled wine bottle. Since that fateful day I have been making craft projects from all sorts of recycled materials. Creating DIY projects from used materials is a fun way to reduce our landfills, de-stress our lives and make beautiful, unique pieces of art. Unfortunately with Pinterest and many other similar websites at our fingertips, it’s not always easy to go from looking at great ideas to actually creating the crafts. Some of us get lost in the huge amount of information and gorgeous craft pictures available online and can’t get focused on just one project, or which one to start first.

With the Holiday season almost upon us once again, many of us are struggling to find the perfect gift for our loved ones. Do you have a friend or family member that is ‘pinning’ or ‘liking’ a lot of different DIY craft projects made from recycled products? Why not get him or her a book that includes several crafting projects made from reusable household items. There are a ton of them available.

A lot of the recycled crafting books I have seen lately include many different green projects to choose from. The books are beautifully illustrated and include step by step instructions from green crafting for children to clever ways to recycle and crafty ways to use just about anything.

Here is a list of recycled materials that make great green craft projects:

· Recycled wine or liquor bottles

· Old jeans and other clothing

· Plastic water bottles

· Yarn and fabric scraps

· Bottle caps and corks

· Pop cans

· Milk and juice containers

· Outdated magazines

Finding a special craft book for your favorite DIY’er shows that you care and pay attention to his or her favorite hobbies.

Sometimes the only thing a crafter need is a good book and a few hours away from the computer to get the creative juices flowing again. A book is tangible and can go with you wherever you go. You never know when or where the muse might strike.

I think a colorful, entertaining and informative craft book will make a great gift idea this Holiday season. These green crafting books are for anyone that loves to create fun and unique projects out of recycled materials, from beginners to more advanced crafters. It’s even better if you can join your favorite DIY’er in one or several of the recycled craft projects.

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