Canvas Painting Tips for Kids and Adults

Canvas is an excellent surface when it comes to painting with acrylic or oil paint. What makes it a good choice for many people is because it is economical, very solid ad light weight.

Here is an easy guide to go through your canvas painting.

– Assemble your canvas first.

After you have successfully unwrapped the plastic from your canvas, you would want to use gesso to prime it. The use of gesso is to help protect the fiber of your canvas and also soften the work surface for paint which in turn takes up a very limited amount of paint in your artwork.

– Setting the mood.

Use a tonal background color as a supplement to the gesso to set the mood in your painting.

– Assemble all necessary supplies.

The way yo set up your supplies will depend on your preference for painting. For example, whether you prefer your canvas to be on a flat surface or just next to your palette, it is up to you.

– Select the brushes you will need. Given that all brushes are not the same especially when it comes to canvas painting, you will definitely have to make a choice that is suitable for your work. For example, brushes with longer handles and stiffer bristles that are designed specifically for acrylic or oil paint will be a good choice for canvas painting, because they can spread and hold the thick paint properly.

-Adjust your colors.

Not all paints will dry to look the same way as you applied them. For instance, acrylic paint is going to be darker when dry than how you originally applied it, while oil paint dries to look the same as the original application.

It is, therefore, advisable to test the color first on a scrap of paper before applying on canvas so that you know exactly how the end result will look like.

– Test with a medium before allowing to dry.

There are a variety of media to choose from, some of which are designed specifically for canvas such as oil paint media, which helps to create some cool effects on your finished painting.

The last thing, of course, is to look for a safe place for your canvas to dry.

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